Wodonga Solar Power Pty Ltd is a joint venture company between S-Energy Co(http://www.s-energy.com/) of South Korea and Heliades Pty Ltd (https://www.heliades.org) in Australia. The company combines knowledge of the Wodonga region with deep experience in project delivery and global expertise with the construction and operation of large scale solar farms.

On 14 February 2018 Wodonga Solar Power Pty Ltd made a submission to the Victorian Government to build a 50 MWac solar farm at Wodonga under the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme.

Wodonga Solar Power had also received a letter of support for 20MWac of Commercial Power offtake from a major industry sector in the north-east region of Victoria’s world class agriculture sector.

Press released in Korea regarding the current project development can be found at:




워동가솔라파워는 호주에서 태양광 발전을 수행하기 위하여 2017년 10월 11일에 설립된  ‘에스에너지(한국)’와 ‘헬리아데스(호주)’의 합작법인입니다.

당사는 빅토리아주 워동가시에서 2019년 말 완공을 목표로, 50MWac규모의 태양광 발전사업을 추진 중입니다.

현재, 20MWac규모의 Commercial PPA(전력수급계약)에 대한 업무협약을 체결했으며, 잔여 용량인 30MWac 규모는 빅토리아주의 입찰에 참여하였습니다.

워동가솔라파워는 청정 에너지인 태양광발전을 통해, 깨끗한 환경을 보전하는데 기여하겠습니다.